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In Dutch “Hoek” means “point” or “corner” and not the English hook i. From the s to the present time, people who live in the eastern area of Red Hook have referred to their neighborhood as “The Point”. Today, the area is home to about 11, people. Rapelye Street in Red Hook commemorates the beginnings of one of New Amsterdam ‘s earliest families, the Rapelje clan, descended from the first European child born in the new Dutch settlement in the New World , Sarah Rapelje. Rapelye Street in Red Hook is named for Rapelje and his descendants, who lived in Brooklyn for centuries. It is shown on a map called “a Map of the Environs of Brooklyn” drawn in by a loyalist engineer named George S. The entire earthwork was about 1, feet long and covered the entire island. The three redoubts covered an area about feet by feet. The two principal earthworks were about feet by feet, and the tertiary one was about 75 feet by feet. The Sproule and Ratzer maps show that Red Hook was a low-lying area full of tidal mill ponds created by the Dutch.

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Tony Scotti was the president of Survivor’s record label, and he played Sylvester Stallone some tracks from the previous Survivor album, Premonition. Stallone thought the sound, writing style and street appeal could fit in his new movie, so he called called Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan, who were Survivor’s primary songwriters, and left messages on their answering machines. When we spoke with Peterik, he said, “Answering machines were still something of a novelty back then and to see that blinking light was a thrill.

When I pressed the playback button I heard, “Hey, yo, Jim, that’s a nice message you got there. This is Sylvester Stallone.

Jan 15,  · Hook Me Up: Are IV Clinics for You? Revive, a hydration clinic, treats hangovers, cold and flu with IV fluids. But should just anyone get a drip?

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Italicized paragraphs describe scenes added for the film’s special edition and updated for its DVD release. An opening title card reads: Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DeathStar, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, Princess Leia Carrie Fisher races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy. Inside, protocol droid C-3PO Anthony Daniels and utility droid R2-D2 Kenny Baker are tossed about as their ship endures a barrage of laser bolts, and “3PO” concludes that escaping capture will be impossible. The Rebel ship is so heavily damaged that its main power reactor must be shut down. It is caught in the Imperial destroyer’s tractor beam, pulled into the hold of the larger ship, and boarded by stormtroopers from the Empire’s st Legion.

A huge firefight ensues in the corridors of the Rebel ship, with many Rebel soldiers being lost in the battle. When the smoke clears, Darth Vader David Prowse ; voice: James Earl Jones , a man dressed in a black cape, black armor, and a black helmet that obscures all his features, briefly surveys the damage before interrogating the ship’s captain, who claims that the ship is on a diplomatic mission to the planet Alderaan.

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Just because the stripes are in a certain order doesn’t mean the resistor has a direction! Resistors are the same forward and backwards, it doesnt matter which way they are used. Highlight the text below to see the answer Red – Red – Brown – Gold What is the value of this resistor? Highlight the text below to see the answer Ha!

In nursing school they taught us to wear gloves while doing IV pushes or hooking up IV tubing to a patient. I just graduated in May and just recently started working as a nurse.

You can consistently apply a wide variety of topdressing mixtures such as sand, organic and inorganic compost, peat and humus, rye grass and rye blends, as well as crumb rubbers, gypsum, lime and calcine clays. When you speed up, slow down or cross uneven terrain, the conveyor belt and brush automatically adjust at the same rate to provide a consistent and even application every single time.

No hydraulics, no pumps and no engines. Just hook up and go. Ideal for golf greens, cultured grasses, sports turf and other areas sensitive to weight. Perfect for compost or other organic material application. All six wheels drive the machine for consistent application on uneven terrain. Easily towed by turf truck vehicles.

Proven, battle-tested design has been the standard of the industry since Galvanized hopper no rusting—or potential rust flakes in topdress material. No hydraulics, no pumps and no engines, Just hook up and go. Wheels are driven by the ground, all six tires mechanically drive the conveyor and brush, no engine, no hydraulic system.

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Source Kingdom Keepers IV: It features five young protagonists battling against villains known as the Overtakers for control of the parks. Charlene designs their rides.

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It is known that the Mayas enjoyed chocolate. The seed from the cacao tree is the main ingredient in chocolate drinks. Just as you drink chocolate milk and hot chocolate, they too drank chocolate in many forms The Mayas referred to chocolate as “The Drink of the Gods”. They cooked it in many ways, just as you have corn muffins, corn on the cob, corn pudding and more. Tadpoles and cactus Mesoamerica is described as the “daughter of maize”. Maize was the single most important fact of both daily and religious life.

More than just a natural resource, it is seen as the principal feature of an agricultural society. The Mesoamericans also obtained food through harvesting, hunting and fishing. They consumed greens, fruits, cactus fruits, such as the pitaya, prickly pear, and maguey worms. They also ate pineapple, papaya and mamey. They hunted iguanas, frogs, snakes, and gathered different types of mollusks. One can see their sources of food varied greatly, and were rich in nutrients.

Grappling Hook

The award winning C range are elegantly designed toilets to match modern bathrooms. Packed with innovative features such as the holding tank with wheels and a retractable carrying handle. Not as an option but standard on all C models. Stable thermoplastic rubber treaded wheels allow easy and reliable transport of the waste holding tank. Toilet waste holding tank transport with an ease never experienced before.

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Medical tape Sharps container Sterile pad or paper set small tools out on this to keep them close at hand 2 Introduce yourself to the patient. An important part of the process of starting an IV is introducing yourself to the patient and explaining the procedure that’s about to occur. Talking to patients and sharing this basic information helps put them at ease and ensures that no part of the process surprises or shocks them. In addition, it ensures that you have their full consent to proceed.

When you’re done, have the patient lay or recline where they’ll be receiving their IV. When patients are nervous, their veins may contract somewhat in a process called vasoconstriction. You may want to ask whether the patient has had any trouble with IVs in the past. If so, the patient may be able to tell you which sites are easiest to access. Next, prime the IV tubing by suspending the IV bag from an elevated stand, filling the tubing with saline solution, and checking for any bubbles.

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Design[ edit ] The blade is usually made from a medium- carbon steel in varying weights and lengths, but typically 20 to 25 centimetres 7. Blades are straight near the handle but have an increasingly strong curve towards the end. The blade is generally sharpened only on the inside of the curve, but double-edged billhooks, or “broom hooks”, also have a straight secondary edge on the back.

The blade is fixed to a wooden handle, in Europe usually made from ash due to its strength and ability to deal with repeated impact. Handles are mostly 12 to 15 centimetres 4. Longer handles may sometimes be used for heavier patterns, making the tool double-handed.

Jul 14,  · In case you can’t find an IV stand and it is an emergency, your will have to hook the bag up to a place that is above the patient’s head, so that the force of gravity helps the liquid to flow downward into the person’s vein%().

Beat me to it… I was going to post it too. I had found out Taris would be a planet in the game first, but waited to read some more details before I made the post. Someone else ended up beating me to the post by just a couple minutes: James Forehand Anyone try using the seeker droid over the entire place to see? Caveman If you set a stronghold to inactive, will the decorations stay in place if you activate it again down the line?

From what I have been told, yes. However, it is more likely that your decorations will be reset on that stronghold.

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