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Gloria, also known as GloGlo, is the long-time beauty collaborator Missy Elliott trusts to help create the iconic beauty looks in her music videos and campaigns for beauty giants like the MAC Viva Glam collection — and she’s behind the beauty look in the new video for ” WTF Where They From ,” too. She’s worked with pretty much every icon from the ’90s music scene so it’s no surprise that her reunion with Missy was a meeting of the minds sorely overdue. The new music video is just as full of iconic looks as her past bangers, showing Missy flying through verses in pop art bejeweled makeup in one frame and emerging from an alleyway with her crew of dancers in silver streetwear and matching silver lips in another. She might have been gone for more than a minute but she’s flown back on the scene as cool and talented as ever with makeup on point to boot. In honor and celebration of Missy’s latest music release, we reached out to the beauty magician that helped make some of Missy’s iconic looks so incredibly memorable. I actually met Missy through another artist I was working with her at the time and since Trina and Missy are old friends and she trusted her advice she knew Missy needed a makeup artist, so she referred me. What’s it like collaborating with Missy?

6 Makeup Tips for Older Women from Professional Makeup Artist, Ariane Poole (Video)

As a sought after professional make-up, Elle has established a spotless reputation for her flawless looks, positive energy, and commitment to making every client and creative director immensely satisfied with her work. Beyond her work as a make-up artist, Elle shares her passion for all things beauty through social media and on-camera brand tutorials. Elle has worked with brands such as CoverGirl, Revlon, Benefit Cosmetics, Merle Norman and TempTu, where she shares her passion for beauty and brings the pro perspective to every day busy women.

She loves to empower and inspire women to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

In different parts of Asia, e.g. China, some people reach the whole new level of creativity regarding this matter. For some girls, makeup now means not only just highlighting their existing features but also creating new ones with the help of fake skin extensions, fake eyelashes, etc.

Well I had quite the Sunday yesterday. I had an amazing Skype session with makeup artist Troy Edwards through Maestro Market , a new online platform that directly connects you with affordable experts of all kinds. He walked me through an easy, everyday makeup routine using products I already own, and taught me step-by-step how to apply them correctly. He started off by getting to know my style, both in fashion and beauty, and then came the fun part. We literally went through every single makeup product I own not kidding, every single product , and sorted them into piles: Then he told me which pile to put it in.

It felt so good to get rid of so much crap that had just been sitting in my makeup box.

I’m A Makeup Artist, And Here Are The 6 Beauty Mistakes My Clients Always Make

Fiona Kirabo at an event recently without her wedding ring Fiona Kirabo at an event recently without her wedding ring Famous makeup artist and television personality Fiona Kirabo is starting to raise eyebrows concerning her marriage with Pastor Geoffrey Kayovu. She is never wearing her ring in most of the photos she takes The two love birds tied the knot last year in June at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral a few months after they had introduced.

By the look of things the two seemed to be happy together in a perfect relationship, however, it is quite disturbing why Kirabo has since then insistently refused to wear her ring like a true married woman. For any woman not to put on her ring, chances are high that she is having misunderstandings with her man so she removes it to get rid of any reminders of him.

Viral makeup artist Mimi Choi uses her graphic sleep paralysis as a source of inspiration for her optically illusive beauty treatments. She tells us of her competitive childhood that contributed to her anxiety and depression where she began to use art as an outlet.

September 21, Comment In by Rajshree Nakarmi Cindy Landon, the former makeup artist, and philanthropist is a happy single mother. But has the mother of two moved on with her life after the death of her husband, Michael Landon? The couple was happily married until the tragic demise of Michael. We lose the person, but life goes no, so, has Cindy moved on? Who is her boyfriend? We have some exclusive details here!!!!! Cindy Landon is still not married yet, and there are also no rumors of her having a boyfriend.

It looks like she is still not ready for the new relationship. She is entirely focused on her children and career. Longtime Malibu resident Cindy has been working for the welfare of animals.

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Reddit Whatsapp Pocket Xing Kiev-based artist Olga Kamenetskaya is very popular among doll collectors for her ability to turn generic dolls of all shapes and sizes into unique works of art, some of them so-realistic looking you could swear they were real people. Like most girls, Olga used to love playing with dolls as a child. She eventually grew out of it, only to rediscover her fascination with them a few years ago, after seeing a commercial for Monster High Dolls.

Celebrity makeup artist Julia Papworth gives us the lowdown on how to get a star-worthy face without paying someone to do it for you! How to look like you have a personal makeup artist Entertainment.

We offer 6 simple tips for bringing our makeup look up to date — applying primer, using the right foundation, applying concealer correctly and more! Apply Primer Apply primer to keep your light weight foundation in place. This particular primer is hydrating, softens fine lines and is perfect for more mature skin. Use a Lightweight, Pigment Rich Foundation After applying the primer, use a foundation brush to apply a pigment rich, lightweight foundation.

Apply it right up under your eyes and apply concealer later. How to Apply Concealer After applying foundation, use a slightly darker shade of concealer lower on the cheek bone, not right under the eyes. Ariane reminds us that light does not cover dark areas properly. For my skin we used a blend from Ariane Poole Concealer Palette. Accentuate Your Eyes To shape and define your eyebrows, start by brushing them up. Then, line them with a lighter shade of eyebrow pencil.

Finally, follow this with a light brow mascara. A cream formulation accents the eyes and gives a brighter, wide eyed look. The newer cream formulations also stay on longer and do not crease as much as powder on older drier skin.

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Getty Images Carter Oosterhouse inset image: Kailey Kaminsky Kailey Kaminsky claims she acquiesced to his demands for oral sex when the carpenter turned reality TV star threatened her employment. A woman who worked on HGTV star Carter Oosterhouse’s popular show Carter Can alleges he coerced her into performing repeated acts of oral sex during production, an experience that she says eventually led to her becoming hospitalized for depression and losing her job.

Kailey Kaminsky, who was employed as Oosterhouse’s makeup artist in , tells The Hollywood Reporter that she acquiesced to his demands for oral sex when the carpenter turned reality TV star threatened her employment after months of incessant badgering.

I am a makeup artist and body painter based out new york city. I specialize in beauty and special effects makeup for film and various styles of body paint.

Strawberries and cream Baileys is now a thing Ten hair and makeup tips for a date by a celeb makeup artist These date night hair and makeup tips from celebrity makeup artist Sara Clark will ensure you look like you, only the BEST you. By Cosmopolitan Sep 26, When getting ready for a date, the romance, excitement, butterflies, anticipation and wanting to impress can mean that we get carried away.

We decide to try a new hairstyle, makeup, dress sense or persona in an attempt to impress, but what we forget is that he asked you out because he likes you. In the words of Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones “just the way you are. All you need is to be yourself. If you look good, you’ll feel great and that’s what’s important.

Catherine Jackson Professional Make-up Artist

During our interview, we discuss a new definition of beauty for older women and the magnetic glow that comes from having an inner independence and confidence. Our conversation on positive aging covers how makeup is just one element of the entire spectrum that shapes a beautiful older woman. On a practical level, she also shares secret tips and tricks for makeup application and organic skin care.

She reminds us that our makeup application habits often go back to our teenage years when the goal was to look older — now the goal is to reverse that approach and learn new techniques. We discuss the importance of primers and illuminators, the transition to using cream blushers, airbrush makeup and the magic effects of blue and purple eyeliner!

Royal Oak makeup artist recalls her decade with Aretha Franklin Robin Manoogian, owner of About Face salon in Royal Oak, was Franklin’s makeup artist for 10 years Check out this story on.

That may sound flip, but when you see Jessica Ruiz do makeup by sticking a brush between her teeth, you see where I’m going with this. She uses her mouth. Ruiz has no other choice. Because of a congenital birth defect, Ruiz can barely lift her arms. Raising her hands to touch even her own face is impossible. So, her mouth acts as a substitute for her hands.

She may be a first. Who has ever seen a makeup artist apply cosmetics by sticking a brush in her mouth?


Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter You no longer have to sacrifice performance in the name of healthier products. Still, shopping for natural cosmetics can seem daunting. How can you tell which are the best organic makeup brands?

Kaley Cuoco wedding makeup: The star used $46 worth of chemist products, sticking to less expensive brands like Burt’s Bees and Cover FX.

She tells us of her competitive childhood that contributed to her anxiety and depression where she began to use art as an outlet. Using her face as a canvas to create mind-bending illusions, Choi developed her skills through trial and error — studying real objects to understand depth and dimension. Below, PAPER caught up with Choi to find out why she decided to switch career paths, her inspiration behind the illusory works she creates on faces, and the process for creating Uglyworldwide’s Halloween digital cover look.

I grew up in Macau — a unique city on the south coast of China near Hong Kong. It was a Portuguese colony until and so it carries heavy European influences, including the brightly colored colonial buildings, painted tile walls, and mosaic streets. However, being raised in China also meant that my childhood was very academically focused, and I was subjected to an education system in which the students were ranked openly.

I did well in school because I studied extremely hard and viewed myself as my biggest competition, but this came at a cost. I feel that this mindset contributed to issues that I would deal with later in life including my bouts of anxiety, depression, and sleep paralysis. It was not until my family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada that I started to use art as an outlet and ultimately as a form of self-therapy.

You’ll Never Guess The Old-School Item Kate Middleton Uses To Wash Her Face

What did I get sucked into? The wide wide world of beauty blogs. This video is not representative of the things that I normally watch, but there was something about it that was intriguing. Men wearing makeup—a skill that some women find essential to their everyday existence. The results were, err… well, you can imagine.

By Shannon Boyce Live Glam Certified Makeup Artist. 2. Halloween is the perfect time to have fun, get creative, and showcase your skills. Airbrush makeup allows you to nab a flawless complexion, which you can accent with dramatic lip and eye pigments. Dating & .

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