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Hasta la vista, baby! A Dem majority on the Commissioners Court. And all three Dems are folks of color. Harris County government is now led by a Latina. Show her respect, please. She has yet to serve a day in office. We are sending a Latina Dem to Congress. Major congrats to Sen. We picked up two State House seats in Harris County. We swept all countywide races including County Clerk and District Clerk.

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What is on second. Yes, What is playing second base. So try this one. A dude hits a single, a double, a triple and a home run.

Try going, highly amusing your have a video card that can at least connect and HDMI TV let alone handle a resolution that size, try looking for Nvidia series or the new ones and up, or the radeon and series.

However, that does not mean that, when in an argument or debate, you have the freedom to fabricate your own facts to support your opinion. Disagreements are a natural part of human history, ever since our species developed the ability to express their symbolic beliefs onto others to form cultures and belief systems. Arguing over opinions might not lead anywhere. On the other hand, for an exaggerated instance, if one person argues that they think the number six is smaller than the number three, and the other opposes explaining that, value-wise, six is indeed larger than three.

Regardless of what they make up to support their opinion that six is smaller than three, they are still misinformed. Being well-informed about a variety of subjects leads to an all-around more knowledgeable person. On top of that, being able to process and accept the knowledge of others speaks even more highly of the person. If you are told a fact by another person, check it for yourself. That being said, facts may be presented with some form of bias. Take this time to listen to the other person, and read up more on it later.

You, too, can be misinformed.

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Every state has its own unique style. The secret is nothing but practice, practice, practice. You would definitely get perfect round shape it if you try at least rotis per day. Just have patient and try with a baby step. Start with 2 or 3 rotis per day.

Apr 01,  · Hey ASTRO Family Our following guides covers connecting the following equipment to your consoles. A50 Wireless Headset GEN2 – Xbox One Setup with AG1.

Reframe the action with a moving virtual camera, allowing smooth pans, wider angles, tiny planets and more from your VIRB footage Assisted video editor: Add meaningful data gauges and graphs to show how fast and how far you went Built-in sharing: Once imported, VIRB Edit automatically organizes footage into small, easy-to-manage clips with the best moments highlighted for easy viewing and editing. VIRB Edit can automatically create a video compilation — complete with music and G-Metrix data overlays — from a variety of your clips and photos.

In 3 simple steps, your video is finished and ready to share. Just select video clips, choose the theme and music, select activity type, and let VIRB Edit create a custom video for you to watch and share. Your Complete Action Footage Editing Studio With a full suite of editing tools, you can tweak every moment of every video to your liking. HyperFrame Director Mode lets users create beautifully stabilized traditionally framed content out of their high-quality spherical footage.

Re-frame content after filming, using smooth camera pans, impressively wide angles, and tiny planets. Choose from preloaded music options, or add your own track. You can also trim video clips and include transitions, custom titles and more. This the stuff that lets you prove how far, how fast and how high you went. VIRB Edit automatically highlights the most intense footage for you with premade G-Metrix animated gauges and graphs that show speed, altitude, g-force and more. It even gives you the option to add your own, if desired.

Baseball Spygate? Astros Employee Reportedly Removed From Red Sox Dugout Area During ALCS Game 1

Share Save Sure there’s that new gadget that’s supposed to debut any second–what is it again? Something like that–but why fork out three hundred clams[1] when you could attach your Mac Mini directly to your TV and watch your iVideos without any further fuss or muss? Full connectivity, full compatibility–Xvid, DivX, whatever format pleases your fancy.

A place for prospective laptop buyers to get suggestions from people who know the intimate details of the hardware. This is not a place for special deals on laptops, or a place to sell your old laptop.

These upgrades are specific to the specific GPS units and software versions listed. Warning This software should only be uploaded to the unit for which it is intended. If this software is uploaded to a GPS unit other than the product it is designed for, it will render the unit inoperative. If the software upload fails, and subsequent upload attempts prove unsuccessful, the unit may need to be returned to Garmin for service.

Software License Agreement By downloading, installing, or using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the following license agreement. Please read this agreement carefully. Garmin Corporation “Garmin” grants you a limited, non-exclusive license to use the upgrade software “Software” in binary executable form in the normal operation of the applicable Garmin products.

Title, ownership rights, and intellectual property rights in and to the Software remain in Garmin. This license is personal to you and you may make copies of the software only for your personal use. You agree that this license agreement does not need to be signed for it to take effect. The software is provided on an “as is” basis without warranty of any kind — either expressed or implied — including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Garmin does not warrant the performance of the software or that the software will meet your requirements or operate error free.


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If you hook up the A20 to a Mac or a PC, you can download the Astro Command Center and fully reprogram each of these EQ presets to your heart’s content. That’s really great! That’s really great!

By default, all Retina Display MacBook Pro models already can support at least two external displays in addition to the internal display at a variety of resolutions depending on the specific model. Since that time, new generations of adapters have been released that support larger displays with a maximum resolution of x or x There are a variety of these adapters available, but three guaranteed to be both 1 Mac compatible and 2 support a maximum resolution up to x include the Kensington Multi Display Adapter USB 3.

In basic terms, these inexpensive adapters all work in essentially the same way by compressing and decompressing the video signal in order to utilize the limited bandwidth provided by USB 2. All make it possible to support an additional external display on any Mac notebook running Mac OS X The bandwidth provided by USB is insufficient to “fully support” OpenGL 3D hardware acceleration, and as a result, there is a “lag time”.

Consequently, these adapters do not work well with gaming or other applications that place a great deal of emphasis on graphics performance such as video playback or video editing. However, the lag time is unlikely to be bothersome for basic productivity — word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing, chat, and so on. As part of an excellent review of an earlier adapter that has now been discontinued, but that works in the same way as current products, MetkuMods provides this helpful video of the lag time: From watching the video you should be able to determine whether or not the lag time is bothersome to you.

Alternate Additional External Display Option There also are products available that do not result in lag time for an extra external display, like the Matrox TripleHead2Go , which supports three x monitors at 50 Hz. The TripleHead2Go requires three displays of the same resolution and that support 50 Hz and the displays essentially have to be placed immediately side-by-side as they behave as one large display.

This adapter also is expensive. However, for users who need two or more external displays on a MacBook, MacBook Air, or pre-Retina Display MacBook Pro and find the lag time demonstrated above to be unacceptable those interested in gaming, video playback, or video editing, for example , but who do not want to consider a Retina Display MacBook Pro perhaps because they find the relative lack of internal upgrade options a major disadvantage of upgrading , this alternate option remains well worth consideration, too.

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Here’s are some more details from Metro Boston: In the third inning of the first game of the series, security removed a man claiming to be an Astros employee from the media-credentialed area next to the Boston Red Sox dugout, according to multiple security sources who were on the scene at the time of the incident. The man had a small camera and was texting frequently, but did not have a media credential.

Paul Hoynes of Cleveland.

The Astro A40 headset provides high-quality audio for gaming enthusiasts. The attached microphone allows you to talk to your friends or taunt your enemies on any type of game console or PC. The A40 features a Quick Disconnect cable to make it easy to switch from one audio source to another.

Also there is a problem that exists in getting itunes to recognize the iPod as well. Let me say that itunes from Apple is an awesome program for the iPod touch and iPad and even for your computer alone. There are lots of neat features in itunes, such as syncing your iPod as well as getting music and even getting free podcasts of your favorite categories loaded on your iPod or Apple product.

Problems, Problems, Problems Since there are so many people having these problems, I want to in this article to tell you the correct way to get it done and why you should do it this way. First of all just installing i tunes on your computer is not the only thing you have to do and then just plug up your iPod or iPad. It may work that way a few times but eventually there will be a problem.

Your computer may start to not recognize your peripheral. Thats because you are doing it all wrong and the computer will begin to rebel or not see the unit. Hard Lesson Learned First, I’m going to share with you an experience I had a few years back and how I learned this lesson the expensive way. Hopefully you’ll read this article before you have to go through what I went through. Now this happened to me because my house got broken into and my computer monitor was stolen.

Of course I had to replace it and that was the expensive part. When the perpetrator took my monitor, the computer was just in sleep mode.

Setup A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro TR with PC and Mac